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Mayor Brandon Johnson

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Spearheading an impactful 5-day event series that established a focus of unity and equity while celebrating the city of Chicago and the inauguration of Mayor Brandon Johnson.

To mark Brandon Johnson's inauguration as Chicago's Mayor, our team spearheaded a 5-day series of inclusive and unifying events. This series included an Interfaith Breakfast hosting over 450 faith leaders, a family-oriented Labor Block Party, and a special Women's Brunch celebrating Mother's Day. Additionally, we organized heartfelt gatherings to thank families, friends, and supporters, as well as a first-of-its-kind Mayoral Motorcade through Austin, one of Chicago’s largest neighborhoods. The main event was the Inaugural Ceremony was held at UIC Auditorium and drew thousands of attendees. Following the ceremony, the City Hall Open House allowed hundreds of Chicagoans the opportunity to shake hands with the new Mayor. Finally, we helped the Mayor’s team and the city bring our celebration to a close in true Chicago fashion at The People's Ball.

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