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Our Services

We manage projects, internal operations, vendors, as well as scheduling. We develop budgets, manage payments and invoicing, and maintain financial stability for the organization.

APS Client Services

Operations & Finance

We build the step-by-step plan to help you achieve your goals. We use targeted power mapping to leverage your networks. We steward your current relationships and cultivate the ones you need to build.

APS Client Services


We create paid media plans based on your overall goals. We create content calendars for digital marketing, including social media platforms and email marketing. We handle mail programs and place ad buys in digital, tv, and radio.

APS Client Services

Paid Media (Digital/TV/Mail)

We provide lobbying and intergovernmental affairs services, working with electeds and governmental departments to work toward your goals. We keep you informed on legislative updates and intel relevant to your policy priorities.

APS Client Services

Intergovernmental Affairs & Lobbying

We help increase awareness of your brand through targeted media pitching. We handle press releases and build relationships with press to benefit your message. We steward strategic earned media messaging and can serve as spokesperson for media inquiries.

APS Client Services

Communications & Earned Media

We create research briefs to communicate policy platforms and stances on specific topics including legislative agendas, current events, and relevant public policy issues. For campaigns, we offer concise and practical political intelligence & opposition material.

APS Client Services


We facilitate the "on-the-ground" organizing tools that are required to personalize constituent engagement through canvassing, phone banks, and design of local/community and regional events.

APS Client Services

Community Outreach & Grassroots Organizing

We measure our progress through short-term and long-term goal planning; all supported by quantitative & qualitative data, driven by polling.

APS Client Services

Political Strategy

We build successful political & issue campaigns by leveraging our expertise and relationships. We manage how campaigns are structured and how teams are developed.

APS Client Services

Public Affairs Strategy

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