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Beatrice Beirne

Senior Advisor

Beatrice contributes to APS & Associates her lifelong passion for Chicago culture and politics, as well as fierce adherence to innovative social justice. In her role as Senior Associate of Policy and Research, Beatrice manages the metrics that make APS run, including media monitoring, legislative tracking, and policy analysis. Her contributions to APS focus on providing research-based solutions to client needs, and fostering progressive goals in Chicago, Cook County, and across Illinois.

At APS, Beatrice has worked with political candidates, issue campaigns, small and local businesses, corporate philanthropy, nonprofits, and organizations centered around equity, mental health, environmentalism, and human rights. She also is the Program Coordinator for APS’s Fellowship Program, which employs, educates, and mentors students from Northwestern and DePaul. Fellows spend three months learning closely from Beatrice through a professional development curriculum that gives students a diverse collection of real world skills and experiences.

Before starting at APS, Beatrice worked with progressive candidates across the state of Missouri at Meyers Okohson Political Consulting. Her aspiration to deal with local politics came after her employment at Advocacy Associates, where she aided in lobbying for local, state, and national health advocacy organizations across America.

She has experience in organizing, and led the largest voter registration drive ever recorded at Saint Louis University as the Campus Representative for Civic Influencer’s Campus Election Engagement Project. Beatrice got her knack for researching as Editor-in-Chief of Saint Louis University’s social justice research journal, where she wrote thoroughly investigated editorials on healthcare in prison, bias in medicine, the Black working class, and refugee children.

Beatrice received her Bachelors of American Studies and Political Science from Saint Louis University in 2021, with minors in Communication and Political Journalism, and completed her Masters of American Studies the following year under a departmental fellowship. Her thesis focused on workers’ justice movements amid increasing levels of dystopian corporate surveillance. Beatrice currently lives on the northside.

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