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Cameron Hughes


The only child of a single parent committed to principles of equity, local control, and good government, Cameron has spent many days and late nights in the halls of city, county and state government observing the hard work and disciplined thought inherent in creating and sustaining our democratic way of life. She started her first job in high school at the Gary city court assisting the work of the city’s longest sitting judge. She has interacted with Governors, Mayors, legislators, county and township officials in both Illinois and Indiana learning the value and challenge of bi-partisan governance.

Cameron has spent her professional career lending creative thought and positive spirit to organizations both public and private. Recognized by key executives and public officials as a critical thinker, self-starter, and passionate equity advocate, she has worked across industry and sector to assist leaders in developing and propelling their respective visions further and faster. Cameron boasts a deep passion for hard work, civic engagement and business management. This led her to help relaunch the nextONE business accelerator program at the Chicago Urban League, one of her proudest accomplishments. Shortly after, Cameron started her own public affairs consultancy, providing logistical and creative support to government-related and civic engagement projects. With her varied professional experience, Cameron brings a unique perspective to every project. She is committed to creating a more equitable city and is constantly exploring the different neighborhoods of Chicago to better understand the community’s needs. Cameron holds a Bachelor of Arts in fashion business and public relations from Columbia College in Chicago.

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